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How does it work ?

The functioning of a Fonroche Lighting streetlight

The functioning of a solar streetlight Smartlight by day and by night

Daytime: The photovoltaïc module captures the solar irradiation and converts it into electricity. This energy is stored in the Power 365 battery.

Night-time: The battery releases its energy to power the LED fixture according to the required lighting profile. Our anti-blackout technology ensures permanent lighting throughout the whole night.

Our unique components that guarantee high reliability and constant performance.


Fonroche’s R&D team developed our state-of-the-art solar street-lighting technology by designing every component we use in our systems from scratch.


The photovoltaic module and the nickel-alloy battery are entirely designed and manufactured in our ISO certified factory in Roquefort, south-west France.

Fonroche Lighting's photovoltaic module

The photovoltaic module

 • High efficiency for maximum power production
 • On cloudy days, our intelligent streetlights will stillfunction to
the required level by diffusing light in a more economical way

 • Self-cleaning tempered glass 


Fonroche Lighting's Power 365 technology


Power 365 technology                                            

  • • A nickel-alloy intelligent battery with built-in management system. The battery is safely installed under the solar panel
  • • Compact size and lightweight
  • • Our batteries guarantee correct operation of our off-grid solar-powered streetlamps, 365 nights a year
    • • Resistance to extremes of heat and cold, functioning in temperatures from -40°C to +70°C
      •          • Lifetime: 10 years


Fonroche Lighting's LED fixtureLED Fixture

• Special lenses to direct the flow of light towards the desired location
• High performance

• 30W to 60 W        

• Aluminium sink for heat dissipation
• Lifetime: 12 years


A configuration tailored to your lighting needs



Illustration showing the functioning of a solar streetlight throughout the day






ISO Certified Factory

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