What applications can solar lighting be used for?

Ingenious, eco-friendly, powerful and cost-effective –

Article cover: How to recycle solar street lighting?
How to recycle solar street lighting?

Solar street lighting is an eco-friendly alternative that enhances safety and security with a reduced carbon footprint.

5 reasons to choose solar public lighting - cover
Five reasons to choose solar public lighting

You may have noticed in your local residential area, or while driving to work or parking at the supermarket — solar

green, clean and renewable energy article
Green, clean and renewable energy – What does it all mean?

Renewables are the cornerstone of the energy transition.

Fonroche Lighting solar streetlights in Cameroon
Cameroon: Fonroche delivers training in streetlight installation

In Bertoua, capital of Cameroon’s eastern region, 460 Fonroche solar streetlights were recently installed to improve living standards for local peo

Fonroche Lighting America - Solar public lighting
Fonroche Lighting America: what's new ?

Since 2019, Fonroche Lighting has been rolling out its Smartlight solar streetlights in the United States through

Morocco goes all out on renewables

On Earth Day, 22 April 2016, Morocco made a commitment to the planet by signing the Paris Agreement.

Lighting the Trans-Sahara Highway

energy is gaining ground in Central Africa, especially in Chad, which benefits

Solar public lighting – an obvious choice for sun-drenched Corsica

Soaring mountain ranges, unspoilt sandy beaches, dense pine forests and picturesque coastal villages...

Europe embraces solar lighting

Solar lighting has a bright future in Europe

Benin illuminated in solar energy by Fonroche Lighting

In 2019, Fonroche Lighting

Lidl supermarket chain opts for solar lighting

Grocery retailer Lidl chooses Fonroche Lighting for its new stores