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Colombia’s longest bridge lit by Fonroche all-solar solution 14/10/2018

Colombia’s longest bridge lit by Fonroche all-solar solution

In July 2018, former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos officially opened the country’s latest infrastructure project, dubbed the Viaducto de la Paz, or ‘Viaduct of Peace’. A symbolic name, celebrating the end of 50 years of war with the FARC.


Cost-effective, eco-sensitive lighting

The Gran Manglar Gargantua Viaduct is vital for the port city of Cartagena’s continued development. Colombia’s longest bridge, it spans 5.4 kilometres (3.4 mi) over a protected wetland area called the Cinénaga de la Virgen at an average height of 7 metres (23 ft). The government was keen that all contractors take special care to protect this remarkable natural ecosystem, both during construction and for the future.

For the lighting part of the project, Fonroche stepped up to the challenge and won the contract to install solar-powered lights across the length of the viaduct. Every aspect was carefully analyzed by the company’s in-house design team, from optimum safety of bridge users to the impact of light on local flora and fauna, tight cost control and more, to propose a solution that precisely fits the project requirements and also anticipates the environmental concerns of the future.


A bright shining showcase

After several months of work, more than 400 solar streetlights bespoke-designed by the Fonroche teams were installed. Delivering dependable lighting 365 nights a year, they ensure optimum safety and visibility for motorists, cyclists and other bridge users, while fully meeting the stringent ecological requirements of the project.

Fonroche proved eminently up to the task on a world-class project calling for state-of-the-art technologies, as pointed out by the former President at the official opening. This impressive infrastructure project once again illustrates our ability to successfully install off-grid solar streetlights anywhere in the world!


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