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Power 365 Technology

Unique stand-alone solar lighting technology developed by Fonroche Lighting


Power 365 technology – the first solar battery in the world to guarantee light 365 nights per year.

Fonroche Lighting developed and manufactures its own intelligent battery, specifically built for solar-lighting. Power 365 technology is the first in the world that guarantees lighting 365 nights per year.

This-state-of-the art battery is installed in all our solar-powered streetlamps, making the Smartlight range the most reliable solar-lighting solution on the market. Made using extreme heat-resistant nickel alloy cells, the Fonroche Power 365 is entirely manufactured in our factory in south-west France.


The Smartlight solar streetlight guarantees powerful lighting all year round




Illustration of the functioning of each component of a Fonroche Lighting solar street light

A unique system made in France by Fonroche Lighting


Fonroche Lighting's Power 365 battery 


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The Power 365, developed by Fonroche Lighting, is a nickel-alloy battery, specifically created for solar streetlighting applications. The battery will last a minimum of 10 years, and can resist extreme weather conditions (-40°C to +70°C), thanks to its unique temperature-regulation technology. The chemistry of the nickel-alloy cells allows safe charging and discharging of the battery without any power loss for at least 10 years.


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Power 365 solar batteries are equipped with a smart temperature-regulation system to make sure the unit cannot overheat. Thus the battery cells are totally protected from power loss, ensuring the lifespan of our units is the best in the business.

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The Power 365 solar battery is controlled by a smart energy management system, which allows adaptable storage and bespoke programming.

We use advanced software to analyse specific solar conditions wherever the battery is used throughout the world. This means the system’s storage capacity can be adapted to suit these particular conditions and guarantee permanent lighting 365 nights a year, wherever a system may be installed.


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