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Solar street lighting in Privas (07) : Fonroche Lighting's Solar Revolution

In Privas, Ardèche, public lighting underwent a remarkable transformation in 2019. As part of its eco-responsible approach, the town opted for a bold project: to illuminate the municipal aquatic center - rehabilitated from a former railway station - using 30 solar-powered street lamps. Behind this initiative, Fonroche Lighting, the leader in solar street lighting in France, has put forward a range of urban luminaires combining power, design and technology.

The benefits of this transformation are numerous. On the one hand, the use of solar streetlights from the Fonroche Smartlight range eliminates the need to dig trenches, thus preserving the new appearance of the pavement. Secondly, the area was not immobilized for a long period, allowing residents and visitors to continue enjoying the facilities.

Solar lighting is based on photovoltaic technology. Each streetlight is fitted with a high-quality photovoltaic panel, which captures the sun's energy during the day. This energy is stored in a self-contained battery, enabling the luminaire to deliver powerful, even LED light as soon as night falls. What's more, this intelligent, autonomous system contributes to significant savings on electricity bills.

But beyond the savings, the solar street lighting project in Privas meets a major challenge: reducing the company's carbon footprint. By avoiding recourse to the traditional electricity grid, the town of Privas is taking another step towards the energy transition. The solar streetlights, with their elegant, modern design, blend in perfectly with the urban landscape, lighting up streets, parking lots and housing estates without impacting on the environment.

For Fonroche Lighting, this project in Privas is further proof that the solar street lighting solution is not only viable, but also beneficial in many ways. It combines the power of photovoltaic panels, the efficiency of LED luminaires and the robustness of batteries to provide high-quality outdoor lighting.

In conclusion, the partnership between the town of Privas and Fonroche Lighting illustrates how technological innovation can improve urban life while preserving the planet. At a time when eco-responsibility is a key concern, solar street lighting is a solution for the future.


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  • Reduce installation costs and meet the town's eco-responsible approach
  • No trenches to dig on new pavement
  • No lengthy immobilization of the area
  • Reduce energy bills and carbon footprint