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Solar street lighting in Barchon, Belgium: Fonroche Lighting's shining example

In 2023, a commercial parking lot in Barchon, Belgium, underwent a luminous transformation thanks to solar technology from Fonroche Lighting. Faced with recurring problems related to buried electrical cables, the car park owner turned to a modern, environmentally-friendly solution: solar street lighting.

Issues and challenges

This industrial project was faced with a major challenge: to efficiently power 28 street lamps, mixing single and double-ended models, without having to dig for new electrical installations. In a world where solar energy is taking on a predominant role, the Belgian approach was naturally oriented towards this clean technology.

Fonroche Lighting's involvement

The expert team at Fonroche Lighting, a leader in the field of solar lighting, supported the project brilliantly. With a rapid installation using Smartlight luminaires, the parking lot was able to benefit from an autonomous solution, minimizing downtime. The choice of these solar LED lights not only solved the electricity problems. It also paved the way for high-quality night lighting, combining safety and aesthetics.

The multiple benefits of solar lighting

The photovoltaic grid at the heart of this technology provides these industrial and residential areas with reliable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly lighting. The Belgian project, lit by the sun, underlines Fonroche Lighting's commitment to the environment. In addition to the savings made during installation, the solar system promises long-term savings, reducing the costs associated with traditional electricity.

This project, carried out in Belgium but supported by a company from France, demonstrates that the world is turning to ecological solutions without compromising quality or safety. Solar lighting, once reserved for leisure areas or off-grid zones, is now finding its way into the heart of commercial areas.

Fonroche Lighting's innovative approach, using a combination of design and photovoltaic technology, places the company at the forefront of solar street lighting. By adopting this solution, Belgium is positioning itself as a model to follow, lighting the way for other countries around the world.

In conclusion, thanks to the dedicated team at Fonroche Lighting, Belgium now benefits from high-quality, economical and environmentally-friendly solar street lighting. A fine example of innovation at the service of the planet.


  • The customer was experiencing difficulties with the buried electrical cables that powered its old lighting. 
  • Solar street lighting solved this problem without the need to dig new trenches or lay new power cables.
  • The choice of Smartlight minimized downtime in the parking lot, and resulted in significant savings both during installation and operation.