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Solar Street Lighting Revolution in Las Vegas

In the heart of Nevada, Las Vegas, fondly known as Sin City, is embracing the future of street lighting with Fonroche Lighting's solar-powered solution. Faced with the challenge of improving parking availability near the bustling downtown area, the city sought a cost-effective, yet efficient solution. Grid lighting, while an obvious choice, proved too expensive for the city's budget.

Instead, Las Vegas turned to solar energy - a choice that is as sustainable as it is economical. Seven solar street lights were installed in a car park, marking the city's first significant step into adopting solar lighting on a larger scale.

These solar street lights, or LED lamps, are powered entirely by the sun, which makes them a perfect fit for Las Vegas - a city bathed in sunlight for the majority of the year. They come equipped with a smart control system that automatically adjusts the light output based on the time of day, further enhancing their energy efficiency.

The installation of these solar street lights not only improved the safety and security of the parking lot but also represented a significant reduction in the city's energy costs. These benefits underscore the potential of solar lighting to serve as a reliable, quality alternative to traditional grid lighting.

Fonroche Lighting is proud to be part of this renewable energy revolution in Las Vegas. Our solar street lights, with their high-quality components and tested reliability, are setting the benchmark for commercial outdoor lighting solutions.

In conclusion, as Las Vegas continues to develop and grow, the city's commitment to utilizing efficient, sustainable energy solutions like solar street lighting is an inspiring testament to its dedication to a greener, brighter future. Join us as we continue to illuminate the path to sustainable urban development with our range of solar lighting products.


  • Find a solution that does not require construction or trenching
  • Find a solution that can be mobile if the parking configuration changes