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Solar street lighting in Le Perreux-sur-Marne: a sustainable lighting revolution for the town

Le Perreux-sur-Marne, a dynamic municipality of 34,000 residents located in Val-de-Marne, has recently taken a giant leap towards a more sustainable and ecological future. Thanks to an innovative solar public lighting project implemented three years ago, the city has transformed a poorly maintained pedestrian pathway into a welcoming and secure space, while engaging in a comprehensive approach to sustainable development.

The deputy mayor in charge of roadways and the environment, Hélène Rousselin, shares the multiple benefits of this initiative in a video testimonial. She explains how the city chose Fonroche Lighting, a leader in solar public lighting, to rehabilitate this pathway with an environmentally friendly solution.

The result? A consistent and satisfactory lighting quality, highly praised by users, and an excellent visual integration into the urban landscape.

The 4 solar street lamps installed not only helped reduce bad social behavior and degradation issues but also provided the municipality with precious energy independence. Indeed, one of the main advantages of solar public lighting is the absence of electrical consumption, allowing the city to protect itself against the exponential and unpredictable increases in energy costs.

The ease of installation of these systems is also a strong point, especially in narrow or difficult-to-access areas where civil engineering works would be complicated and expensive to deploy. Encouraged by this successful first experience, Le Perreux-sur-Marne is now considering renewing its public lighting park by integrating more solar solutions.

This project perfectly illustrates the city's ability to innovate and adapt to contemporary challenges. By choosing specific engineering and renewable technologies like LED lighting and photovoltaic panels, Le Perreux-sur-Marne demonstrates that it is possible to improve the quality of life, respect the environment, and control public spending.

Thus, solar public lighting represents an effective and sustainable response to the growing needs for energy and security in urban areas. With Fonroche Lighting as a partner, the city of Le Perreux-sur-Marne firmly commits to an environmental approach that is part of the broader energy transition of the Grand Paris metropolis.

This project is a concrete example of how local authorities can reduce their electrical consumption, enhance their territory, and improve the living environment for their residents with innovative and efficient solar public lighting solutions. It is a source of inspiration for other cities and municipalities wishing to embark on the path of energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Project challenges

  • No electrical consumption: Despite the exponential and unpredictable increase in energy costs, the municipality does not have to worry about its consumption to properly illuminate its public spaces.
  • Ease of installation: Some of the city's roads have been renovated, and others are particularly narrow, and civil engineering works would be complicated and costly to deploy.

Hélène Rousselin, Maire Adjointe Le Perreux sur Marne