Bucharest, Romania
Streetlights installed
Project date

In 2021, 11 solar-powered street lamps were installed in one of the parking areas of the new J8 Office Park complex in Bucharest, Romania. Located in an area undergoing rapid economic development, this 46,000 m² complex has been designed to offer efficiency, health, safety and comfort to companies and their employees. Facilities include restaurants, medical care, gyms and electric car charging stations.

In this dynamic of modernity and sustainability, lighting the parking lots with powerful, reliable and energy-efficient solutions was an obvious choice. The solar-powered streetlights installed provide high-quality public lighting without generating electricity bills, thus contributing to economic and ecological management.

Technical specifications

  • Lamp type: solar LED
  • Mast: Sturdy, weather-resistant aluminum
  • Power: Optimized for efficient light output
  • Height: Adjusted for optimum light coverage
  • Energy: Self-sufficient thanks to high-performance solar panels
  • Battery: Long-lasting for extended autonomy
  • Dusk-to-dawn mode: Automatically activated at dusk
  • Detection angle: Wide for maximum coverage
  • Color temperature: Adapted for optimum visual comfort
  • Protection: Against power surges and bad weather
  • Warranty: Quality products with a long service life


  • Economical: Reduced energy costs thanks to solar energy
  • Ecological: Zero CO2 emissions
  • Friendly: Autonomous, long-lasting operation
  • Practical: Quick installation with customizable setting options
  • Safety: Constant lighting for improved night-time visibility

The solar streetlight project for the J8 Office Park parking lot in Bucharest is a perfect example of the use of innovative, sustainable lighting solutions. These streetlights not only offer excellent lighting performance, but also meet the economic and ecological needs of customers.

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  • Lower energy costs
  • Ensuring efficient street lighting
  • No CO2 emissions