Ploërmel (72), France
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The E.Leclerc center in Ploërmel opts for solar lighting for its parking lot with Fonroche Lighting

The E.Leclerc center in Ploërmel (72) recently chose to install solar lighting in its parking lot, calling on the expertise of Fonroche Lighting, world leader in solar street lighting solutions. This innovative, environmentally-friendly project has enabled the supermarket to reduce its carbon footprint, while providing optimum comfort and safety for its customers and staff.

A 100% autonomous, eco-friendly lighting solution

To light its parking lot, the E.Leclerc center in Ploërmel has opted to install 34 Smartlight solar streetlights, a range of products developed by Fonroche Lighting. These streetlights run on solar energy captured by integrated photovoltaic panels, without any connection to the electricity grid. This 100% self-sufficient solution meant that installation was quick and easy, with no work or trenching required, thus avoiding the costs and inconvenience associated with a traditional worksite. 

The benefits of solar lighting for the E.Leclerc center

By choosing solar lighting for its parking lot, the E.Leclerc center in Ploërmel is making significant savings on its electricity bill, while reducing maintenance costs. Fonroche Lighting's Smartlight streetlights are maintenance-free for 10 years, thanks to their robust, reliable design. What's more, by opting for green, renewable energy such as solar power, the supermarket considerably reduces its carbon footprint and enhances its image with customers who are increasingly sensitive to eco-responsible approaches.

Solar lighting adapted to the needs of the parking lot

The 34 solar-powered streetlights installed in the parking lot of the E.Leclerc center in Ploërmel have been strategically positioned to effectively illuminate parking areas, traffic lanes, entrances and exits, as well as spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility (PRM). Thanks to the power and quality of LED lighting, customers and staff benefit from optimum comfort and safety, day and night. Fonroche Lighting's reliable, high-performance products guarantee trouble-free, maintenance-free operation for over 10 years. 

Fonroche Lighting's expertise at the service of the energy transition

Fonroche Lighting, the world leader in solar lighting with a presence in over 50 countries, puts its expertise at the service of companies and local authorities wishing to make a commitment to the energy transition. With a complete range of stand-alone products and customized solutions, Fonroche Lighting supports its customers from A to Z in their solar lighting projects. Fonroche Lighting's teams of solar energy and public lighting experts bring their know-how to bear in designing, installing and maintaining high-performance, sustainable lighting systems.

In conclusion, solar lighting is emerging as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional street lighting. By choosing this innovative solution for its parking lot, the E.Leclerc center in Ploërmel is setting an example for businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint and energy costs. With Fonroche Lighting, the possibilities offered by solar energy are endless for lighting outdoor spaces responsibly and efficiently, while actively contributing to the energy transition.

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  • 100% autonomous lighting
  • No operating costs and 0 electricity bill
  • No CO2 emissions