Fonroche leads the world’s largest-ever public lighting project in Senegal

One-third of Senegal ’s lighting requirements will soon be met by solar power

Fonroche will install 50.000 solar streetlights across the country

The French President and Senegal ’s President met in February to sign the agreement and launch the project to provide the country with solar public lighting solutions from Fonroche. In his address, Mr Macron hailed the France-based company’s triumph, beating off competition from numerous rivals around the world to secure the contract.

Fonroche in Senegal

This extraordinary project isn’t Fonroche’s first public lighting involvement in Senegal. Some 160 Fonroche solar streetlights already illuminate the access roads at the country’s new international airport. And the company is completely upgrading the outside lighting at Dakar’s Grand Mosque.

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