Gujranwala in Pakistan
Streetlights installed

Innovative lighting in Gujranwala: solar street lamps light the way

In a major project, the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) recently equipped the city of Gujranwala, Pakistan, with 1,000 solar street lamps supplied by Fonroche Lighting, marking a significant turning point in the company's approach to street lighting and urban sustainability.

These installations, strategically placed along main roads and accesses to new residential areas, not only light the way for residents, including wounded combat veterans staying in these neighborhoods, but also embody a commitment to ecological and economical energy management. Fonroche's solar streetlights, with their advanced LED technology and integrated photovoltaic panel system, offer powerful, reliable light without the burden of traditional operating costs, eliminating the need to dig trenches for electrical wiring and significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

The approach adopted by the DHA with the support of Fonroche Lighting and its partner Oslo Lighting underlines an investment in high-quality, robust and intelligent lighting solutions that not only meet the demands of modern living, but do so in a sustainable manner. These intelligent solar street lights, equipped with motion sensors and able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions thanks to their high-quality construction materials such as galvanized steel, represent the future of outdoor lighting.

This project is a perfect example of how solar technology can be effectively applied to improve urban infrastructure while supporting sustainable development objectives. The performance, longevity and reliability of Fonroche's solar street lights not only provide a first-class source of outdoor lighting, but also significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, ensuring a sustainable street lighting solution for years to come.

The success of this project in Gujranwala is testament to Fonroche Lighting's ability to provide tailor-made solar lighting solutions that meet the specific needs of customers and sites, while contributing to the overall goal of energy transition. By choosing solar lighting solutions, DHA is not only modernizing Gujranwala's infrastructure; it is also taking a responsible approach that benefits the whole community, providing a safer environment and laying the foundations for a sustainable future.

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  • Considerable time and cost savings on installation (no trenching to bury power cables).
  • Avoid operating costs (to be paid by the community or citizens)
  • Opt for an environmentally-friendly solution, in line with DHA's sustainable development policy
  • Provide powerful, reliable lighting, and thus ongoing safety for the population