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Off-grid solar streetlighting

for local authorities and businesses


Remote monitoring for Benin’s future solar lighting facilities La Tribune - 2019-11-22 11:12:00

Remote monitoring for Benin’s future solar lighting facilities

Solar streetlighting for roads in Benin

Fonroche Lighting is set to install 15,000 off-grid streetlamps in Benin to improve safety and security for local people. The first powerful solar lamps will be put up along national roads this month. This major project is part of government efforts to modernize and light up hundreds of miles of road across the country. Laurent Lubrano, Managing Director of Fonroche Lighting, explained that the lighting will “operate 365 days a year without interruption and require no maintenance for the next ten years”.


Fonroche Connect: remote streetlamp monitoring

To effectively manage the streetlamps in each town or village, Fonroche Lighting has developed Fonroche Connect, a mobile remote monitoring app. Using LoRa wireless communications technology, the app geolocates each streetlamp to perform monitoring and diagnostics.


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