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Africa: 10,000 more people get solar lighting every night Jeune Afrique - 2019-11-17 10:00:00

Africa: 10,000 more people get solar lighting every night

Fonroche Lighting delivers sustainable lighting

Since the Senegal project got underway, the French firm has provided light for 10,000 more people every night. The unique design of Fonroche lights means that teams can install streetlamps at a rapid pace to light up local communities.

For millions of people across the country, the project translates into safer neighbourhoods and improved living conditions.

And Fonroche isn't stopping there. It has also been awarded a contract in Benin to install 15,000 solar streetlamps. The firm’s head of international markets explains: “We’re lighting up roads, towns and even entire countries, guaranteeing 365 nights of lighting a year in full compliance with the strictest urban safety standards”.


Four subsidiaries, 500 jobs

Fonroche Lighting has already created more than 200 local jobs through its four African subsidiaries, and plans to create over 500 more, both direct and indirect. If you’d like to be part of the adventure, send your application to lighting@fonroche.fr. See our LinkedIn page for the latest news and job offers.

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