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Off-grid solar streetlighting

for local authorities and businesses


New solar public lighting project in Mombasa 11/02/2021

New solar public lighting project in Mombasa

The Fonroche Lighting East Africa teams continue to roll out our sustainable lighting solutions! Since we first opened our offices in Kenya, we’ve successfully delivered a whole host of solar public lighting projects in this part of the world, which enjoys high levels of sunlight.

Just recently, for example, we installed nine solar streetlights at an industrial park in Mazeras to improve safety and security in the parking lot of Freight Forwarders Kenya and on access roads to the Transeast container facility. Installation was quick and no heavy groundwork was needed. There are no operating costs, and the customer started saving money immediately.

Our off-grid streetlights are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and adapt to variations in weather conditions in countries just like Kenya. They provide guaranteed powerful lighting 365 nights a year, with no risk of outages or disruption.

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