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Making their own light 10/07/2020

Making their own light

Thousands of local authorities and firms around the world have been making their own light for almost ten years. In fact, solar lighting is revolutionizing the public lighting market, offering winning solutions for all kinds of applications –from roads and roundabouts to car parks, retail parks and cycle ways. And Fonroche Lighting customers are making an active contribution to this shift. Feedback is unanimous: solar lighting is cheaper and more eco-friendly than grid-connected systems yet just as powerful!

Making your own light means offering the people in your community better quality of life and enhanced safety and security at all times of day and night – no matter what the weather. It's also an effective way of making savings with strategic projects that have a real impact on people's lives. And it's a key part of a proactive approach to environmental protection.

Listen to what customers who use Fonroche solar lighting every day around the world have to say!


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