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Fonroche Lighting Tour is on The Road ! 22/09/2021

Fonroche Lighting Tour is on The Road !

The Fonroche Lighting Tour hit the road last September 13 as part of an exciting new itinerant event.

Over two months, our smart truck is travelling around the three countries meeting representatives from local authorities. The aim is to show them the wide range of applications and all the benefits available with our solar lighting solutions!

The FONROCHE LIGHTING TOUR will visit 26 cities until November 10, 2021 !

The roadshow features:

  • A workshop to learn the basics of public solar lighting
  • A solar streetlight demonstration
  • A gourmet cocktail based on specialities from southwest France
  • Fun events and giveaways.

Check out these pics from the tour to get an idea of what’s on offer!

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