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Fonroche Lighting opens new subsidiary in Latin America 28/05/2021

Fonroche Lighting opens new subsidiary in Latin America

Fonroche Lighting continues to extend its international presence with the launch of a new subsidiary in Latin America. Based in Santiago de Chile, Fonroche Lighting America Latina will enable us to gain a strong foothold in the Latin American market by facilitating work with customers and partners across the continent through our local sales staff..


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This new Fonroche Lighting sales office will help meet growing demand for solar lighting in Latin America. Several projects have already been delivered across the region for a variety of applications:

• In Redoma del Indio, Colombia, Smartlight solar streetlights now light several road junctions, improving safety and security for road users.

• In Uruguay, a series of solar streetlights have been installed along a very busy road in an area prone to strong winds and with limited sunlight, testimony to the strengths of Fonroche technology in challenging climatic conditions.

• In northern Chile, the town of Chañaral selected Fonroche off-grid, eco-friendly solar lighting to improve life for local people and reduce light pollution.

• And since 2019, Santiago Metropolitan Park in the Chilean capital has enjoyed the benefits of sustainable lighting thanks to 155 solar streetlights along Avenida Pedro Bannen.


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