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Solar lighting in South Africa

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Fonroche Solar Lighting in Africa


Benefits for your road infrastructure

Fonroche Solar lighting benefits - motorway and roads Fonroche Solar lighting benefits - motorway and roads Fonroche Solar lighting benefits - motorway and roads Fonroche Solar lighting benefits - motorway and roads


Guaranteed 365 nights of light every year, with no maintenance for the first 10 years.

Fonroche has installed over 100,000 solar streetlights worldwide — the equivalent to around 2,900 kilometres (≈ 1,800 mi) of road infrastructure made safer every night.




Internationally, Fonroche operates through five subsidiaries, including four in Africa — Senegal, Benin, Kenya and South Africa — where we’ve successfully delivered numerous off-grid road lighting projects. What about your project?



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More cost-effective than conventional lighting

Solar lighting is a lower-cost and more sustainable alternative to conventional public lighting. Completely off-grid, solar streetlights with PV panel operate entirely on the Sun’s energy, which is stored in a smart battery. This battery powers a high-performance LED unit, which provides 365 nights of lighting a year.


What’s more, it’s cheaper to invest in PV lighting than grid-connected equipment, because the price of renewable energy is now lower than power from the grid. In other words, we’ve reached ‘grid parity’. In fact, a solar solution is 25% cheaper per mile of road than grid-tied lighting. And because our solar solution doesn’t use any fossil energy, it helps reduce your carbon footprint.


Cost parity- Solar lighting Fonroche

Your road infrastructure can be lit in a matter of hours

Entirely off-grid, solar streetlights are installed with no trenches or cables and are up and running the same day. A team of three can install and commission about a kilometre (≈ 0.6 mi) of lighting per day, with no connection to the utility grid. Fonroche’s proprietary Power365 technology ensures a powerful spread of light, equivalent to grid-connected equipment. A quick, easy and cost-effective way to light your roads!


A one-stop shop for all your road lighting projects

Fonroche Solar lighting - motorways and roads


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