Sleek solar lighting solution for Beaconsfield

Our international projects / Thursday, February 14th, 2019

The City of Beaconsfield on the Island of Montreal, Canada, is recognized for its commitment to sustainable development and has been chosen to implement a roadmap for the transition to a smart energy community. Quite natural, then, that it should ask Fonroche to provide a lighting solution for its train station car park.

Beaconsfield turns to Fonroche Lighting

Solar streetlights illuminate the car park at Beaconsfield station

Until now, the car park at Beaconsfield station had no public lighting, making it unsafe. After a site study to determine their best location, three Fonroche solar urban streetlights were installed to light the parking lots. Providing guaranteed illumination 365 nights a year, the off-grid solution makes it easier and safer for drivers and pedestrians using the facility after dark.

Powerful illumination was key

This solar public lighting project was subject to a call for proposals, and it was Fonroche’s advanced technology solution that gave us the edge over the competition. The key criteria for Beaconsfield were powerful illumination and  long service life of components.

With their Power365 nickel-metal hydride battery, Fonroche streetlights deliver powerful, controlled and uninterrupted lighting throughout the year. The battery system is designed to withstand extreme temperatures (–40°C to +70°C), ensuring consistent illumination for the car park – even on the longest, coldest nights. Plus, the streetlights require zero maintenance for the first 10 years, thanks to their optimally designed, high-tech parts.

Canada embraces off-grid solar lighting

A dozen successful projects to date in Canada

In 2018, Fonroche successfully delivered a dozen solar lighting projects in Canada – a country known for its harsh winter climate.

They include:

  • Solar streetlights at the entrance to an arts centre parking facility in Saint-Constant, Québec
  • Off-grid solar lighting for a training complex in Châteauguay, Québec
  • Four solar streetlights to improve safety at a construction site in Péribonka, Québec

As our Canadian friends say: “Our climate hasn’t managed to scare off Fonroche Lighting and its solar technology!”

Beaconsfield and Smart Energy communities

The Smart Energy Communities Scorecard programm brings together nine communities across Canada to help develop a renewable energy roadmap. The aim is to improve energy efficiency, limit energy consumption costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s hoped this will inspire Canadians – and the rest of the world – to adopt recommendations for more sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient communities, in the face of climate change!