Skills transfer for each solar lighting project

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting / Monday, October 14th, 2019

A customer has placed an order for solar streetlights. We’ve manufactured them, tested them and shipped them to the site. Now they need to be installed. And with solar, installation is quick, taking less than two hours for each unit!

At Fonroche Lighting, we offer an installation support service together with a skills transfer programme. The setup phase is a chance to introduce the local teams to these new solar technologies and their many benefits, so we can roll them out even more widely around the world.

Learn more about this service with a case example of an installation project our teams worked on in Kuwait in March 2019.

Help with installation

Training local ambassadors

For each solar lighting project, Fonroche offers an installation support service, where we train local technical teams in how to assemble and put up the streetlights. We’re committed to ensuring each customer has all the keys to success. We explain each part and what it does, the importance of careful handling and how to test the equipment after installation and maintain it. We also discuss best practices for an efficiently organized project.

Working directly with local teams like this provides the basis for two-way contact and dialogue in the longer term, and also helps ensure they promote Fonroche solar technology for future projects.

In short, we work closely with each customer from the start of their project to the installation and maintenance phases.

Training local installation teams in Kuwait

Help with installation in Koweit by Fonroche Lighting

The Fonroche technical team was recently in the Middle East to assist with a large-scale project to install solar streetlights along a 20 kilometre (12.5 mi) stretch of road in the Kuwaiti desert.

We provided assistance in two stages. First, we met the local technical teams at their offices to present the various components and demonstrate how to assemble the parts at the top of the pole. Then a few days later, we went with them to the site to install the first streetlight in real-world conditions.

Today, around 1,000 powerful solar streetlights are improving safety along the access road to the country’s main radio transmission facility. To withstand the extreme climatic conditions and provide guaranteed lighting 365 nights a year, the equipment was specially designed for this project.