Road Lighting for Dummies

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting / Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Our road networks are improving all the time, with works ranging from repairs and resurfacing to new links and major development schemes. Public lighting is often a secondary consideration, however — installed at the end of these works or even years later. So, how do you make roads safe at night without digging up and defacing the nice smooth surfaces? We give you a few tips (don’t try these at home!).

Public lighting for safer roads

Tips for lighting a road

There are various ways you can light your journeys at night. Maybe you’re familiar with them? A fleet of drones that follow your progress. Chinese lanterns. Super-bright car headlights. And the best way of all: the flashlight on your iPhone!

In reality, lighting a road is actually much simpler. You don’t need a Hollywood special effects crew to install streetlights along a highway. But if they’re powered by the grid, you will have to dig trenches, lay cables, put in fuseboxes and perform regular maintenance. So, if you want to avoid a lot of work, legacy technology probably isn’t the best way forward.

There must be a better way! It’s a bit hush-hush, so keep this under your hat. But there’s always solar lighting. Interested?

Public streetlights on a highway in France

Keeping it simple

A pole, powerful battery, solar panel and LED fixture — that’s all you need to enjoy uninterrupted lighting 365 nights a year. It’s as simple as that. Where grid-tied streetlights take months to install, solar technology is up and running in just hours. Plus, you can say “adios” to electricity bills. Want some real-life examples? Read on!

More than words

Bringing light to the four corners of the world

Here are a few key road lighting projects we’ve delivered:

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