Reason 3: Installation

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting / Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

With their impressive performance and cost efficiency, off-grid solar streetlights are ideal for all kinds of public lighting projects!

They’re the perfect solution for roads, car parks, roundabouts, bus shelters and parks, not least because installation is so quick, easy and inexpensive.

Typically, a solar pole can be installed in under 2 hours. No groundwork, no cabling, no electrical cabinets — a simple block of concrete is all that’s needed for a PV streetlight to be erected. For this reason, it’s possible to install solar lighting just about anywhere and without causing any damage to the ground surface, which is particularly important at golf courses and car parks, for example. The huge time and cost savings make solar poles a genuinely competitive alternative to conventional grid-tied lighting. This is especially true for lighting projects in isolated areas, where the expense of grid connection and cabling is prohibitive. As a result, solar public lighting makes it possible to improve security and quality of life in places previously left in the dark!

At a glance:

  • Installation in under 2 hours
  • No earthwork, cabling or electrical cabinets
  • Can be installed anywhere