What applications can solar lighting be used for?

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting

Ingenious, eco-friendly, powerful and cost-effective – solar lighting offers many advantages. But is it suitable for all urban and rural environments and infrastructure? Read on to learn about the many and varied applications and benefits of solar lighting and see why it’s the ideal sustainable solution for everyone. Solar lighting application #1 Improving safety for […]

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How to recycle solar street lighting?

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Solar street lighting is an eco-friendly alternative that enhances safety and security with a reduced carbon footprint. Operating entirely off-grid, it’s the ideal solution for cities keen to drive the energy transition. In this feature, we address the issue of recycling solar street lights. 1) Recycling a photovoltaic panel The photovoltaic (PV) panels on the […]

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Five reasons to choose solar public lighting

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You may have noticed in your local residential area, or while driving to work or parking at the supermarket — solar public lighting is gaining ground. The many benefits are clear to see. But specifically, why choose solar? We give you five reasons why it’s the solution of choice for all your projects. 1) Solar […]

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Green, clean and renewable energy – What does it all mean?

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Renewables are the cornerstone of the energy transition. This global shift is firmly underway, with renewable forms of energy playing a growing role in our daily lives. Seen as both sources of innovation and solutions to tackle global warming, green energy is being harnessed everywhere. It’s time to take a closer look at how far […]

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Fonroche Connect : Remote monitoring of off-grid streetlights

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting, Corporate news

Built-in connectivity Fonroche Lighting’s R&D teams have developed a remote connectivity tool specially tailored to our solar streetlights called Fonroche Connect. This app uses LoRaTM low-data-rate wireless technology for remote, real-time management and monitoring of streetlights. It lets you monitor and troubleshoot your network of individually geolocated streetlights to ensure perfectly controlled, uninterrupted lighting throughout […]


Switzerland takes solar lighting to new heights

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With its high peaks, sheer valleys and snow-covered ski slopes, Switzerland has a growing need for off-grid public lighting. Solar Advance, Fonroche Lighting’s exclusive partner in Switzerland, is meeting this burgeoning demand by installing solar streetlights. The company also offers an innovative solution for improving safety and security while retaining flexibility of layout with a […]


The new face of Senegal: a local perspective

Our international projects

50,000. That’s how many off-grid public streetlights will be installed across Senegal by the end of 2021. This vast project — the largest ever undertaken in the solar lighting sector worldwide — is being delivered by Fonroche Lighting of France. It’s not just bringing eco-friendly lighting to people. It’s bringing life. Over 23,000 off-grid streetlights […]


Roads brightly lit in Colombia

Our international projects

Join us for a brief tour of Colombia. After the Gran Manglar road bridge in Cartagena and the Alto Magdalena highway between Girardot and Honda, new roads in the capital Bogota have now been lit by solar solutions. To boost economic development across its regions, the South American country is extending its road infrastructure. Keen […]


The American Dream: Fonroche Lighting in the USA

Our international projects

In September 2019, Fonroche Lighting announced the acquisition of SolarOne, a pioneer of solar streetlighting in the United States. The move has given the French market leader a strong foothold in America with its range of off-grid lighting solutions, while benefiting from SolarOne’s expertise and sales force. Fonroche Lighting now established stateside SolarOne, pioneers of […]


Road infrastructure: 5 reasons to choose sustainable lighting

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting

Globalization is the primary driver of economic development and growth. In Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, cities are prospering and modernizing, with major work programmes underway. To support these transformations, new highways, freeways, bridges and other road infrastructure is being built. All designed to keep people and businesses moving. Public lighting is important for […]


Watt Are You Doing: Focus on Our Design Office

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What does a design office actually do? To shed some light, we talked to those clever people at the Fonroche Lighting Design Office. Here they are on video: Explain, advise, innovate What the Design Office does a. Project design As you’ll have guessed, the experts at our Design Office assess the feasibility of your project. […]