More sport with off-grid lighting for city stadiums

Our installations in France / Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Solar lighting for Roquefort’s multisports facility, SW France

Sport: Popular with France’s football fanatics

It’s been a great start to the summer for sport fans in France! Cycling, tennis, football – the sporting frenzy has really brought the country together, and France’s historic World Cup victory is making a lot more youngsters want to play.

Multisports grounds called ‘City Stades’ (lit. city stadiums) in France are designed to encourage people of all ages to take part in team sports. They’re proving popular, especially with teenagers, but these great facilities are often located beyond the reach of the public lighting network, limiting the hours they can stay open.

Year-round solar lighting for your sportsgrounds

Fonroche Lighting offers a range of off-grid solar streetlights for year-round illumination. Our proprietary Power365 battery ensures high-quality lighting 365 nights a year, with a built-in programming and storage optimization system.

In early 2017, the local council in Roquefort, southwest France, adopted this technology for its City Stade. Its main requirements were safety and playing experience for users, but it was also keen to avoid heavy civil engineering works. With the Fonroche solution, the facility can now stay open longer, especially in the winter — much to the delight of the people who use it!


As night falls, the Fonroche Lighting teams test their skills at the City Stade.