Fonroche Lighting lab: ready, test, go!

Corporate news / Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Things are heating up in the lab! Here, Fonroche Lighting tests all the components of its solar streetlights before approving them for production. To get a clearer picture of how the lab works, we talked to Justine, our prototyping and model shop expert.

The lab: from testing to production

Fonroche Lighting has long-standing expertise in solar lighting. The company designs and develops all its off-grid streetlights in-house, through its R&D department. This meant setting up a lab to test each component in real-life conditions as part of a stringent approval process.

Definition of the Fonroche lab

Justine in the Fonroche Lighting Lab

In its simplest definition, the lab is a way for Justine to green-light large-scale production. However, before running a series of tests, our expert takes the time to gather scientific intelligence. She looks into any recently emerging technologies that could be useful for developing or improving our solar products.

Next comes the prototyping phase. High-tech robotic systems are used to test the reaction of each component to heat, humidity, water, vandalism and other variables. Justine notes the results before moving onto the production phase. The next step is to develop the process for a pilot production run.

For an alternative definition of the Fonroche lab, we could say that its role is to make our solar streetlights more precisely reproducible.

Fonroche Lighting: focus on innovation

Technological expertise

As the global leader in solar lighting, we’ve always put technological innovation at the heart of our strategy. To provide powerful off-grid streetlighting with long illumination times, our R&D team is developing unique and disruptive technologies. From the choice of components to the development of smart batteries, no detail is overlooked as we address the needs of each lighting project.

If you’d like to visit our R&D facility and lab, and see our technologies first hand, just drop us a line. We’d be delighted to give you the tour 🙂