Reason 2: Sustainability

10 reasons why you should choose solar lighting / Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Find out why solar streetlights are the smart solution for your public lighting projects.

Today, the energy transition is more of a priority than ever, and public lighting is one of the key areas where change is needed!

Solar public lighting is a viable alternative to conventional grid-tied streetlights and allows savings of 3 kg of CO2 per metre of street per year. It’s a chance for your city or company to be part of a broader vision and become a more environmentally responsible player!
At a time when sustainable development is an urgent need, off-grid solar streetlights provide high-quality illumination and use 100% green energy.
The dual objective of high performance and ecological sustainability is now achievable, thanks to advanced solar-powered public lighting solutions, with guaranteed optimal operation 365 nights a year.