Manufacturing off-grid solar streetlighting

for local authorities and businesses
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Our approach

A dedicated Fonroche Lighting project manager will guide you through our four-step design process.



We will assess your lighting requirements, and evaluate the specific requirements of the area to be lit.


• Solar potential analysis
In this section, we will assess how much energy the solar panels will produce according to the local weather conditions. The results of the energy-flow analysis will dictate which solar LED lighting system we recommend and the recommended power output.

• Calculation of the amount of energy needed to meet your lighting requirements
This part of the study allows us to select the best combination of elements for your project (solar panels, battery type, energy-box settings etc.Exemple d'étude solaire menée par Fonroche Eclairage solaire


The goal of this part of the study is make sure all aspects of the project work together to produce the optimum result. We will look at the required layout of the streetlights, the optimum pole height and the average amount of lighting needed.

At this point we will be able to:
• Make our sugegstions regarding the technical options available to the customer
• Specify system dimensions
• Specify the final budget



After assessing all aspects of the proposed system, we will present our estimate.

• Suggested layout
• Budget optimization

The versatility of Fonroche Lighting products makes them suitable for any situation:
Green paths, footpaths, playgrounds, dark areas, areas at risk of flooding, hazardous areas, car parks, warehouses, assembly points, commercial districts, oil refineries, carpool parking areas, bus shelters, bus stations, car parks, urban and suburban road systems


Contact us if you have any questions


The Fonroche Lighting team is here to help you take your project from the drawing board to reality

Fonroche Lighting has its own dedicated design team, ready to analyze the feasibility of any project.


Our design team at Fonroche Lighting works closely with our research and development department, their aim to supply innovative and technologically advanced equipment.

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